September 22, 2020
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Introductions Are In Order

You can call me old fashioned if you like. But I believe in personal introductions so we get to know each other and see if we can be of help to one another.

I am Robert James (Not an unusual name, but then I am not unusual either, just a Brit extending my sources of income to include the internet). My pen name online tends to be Robert J.

I originate from the county of Devonshire, England but now live in the Highlands of Scotland. The scenery is still picturesque but the hills have become mountains and the seascapes are spectacular.

The challenges of living are similar though. Low wages from small companies with no career path. The scenery is spectacular but we starve to death while admiring it!

Now To You

You are here because you are worried aren’t you?
A hole appears each month in your bank account as income barely covers expenses of even falls short. Savings are a joke or minuscule.

Your life is not yet as you would wish it to be?

My Personal Journey

I too am on a journey through life. Due to many reasons my employment has not been what I hoped it would be but we often need to make changes for domestic reasons to support our families.


I have worked for many employers over the decades. Most were small companies but you have probably heard of BT (British Telecom). I worked for 3 years in one of their call centres. But as with many major companies the management can’t leave things alone. So it was with BT. In their infinite wisdom it was decided that our Internet Service desk was in the wrong call centre so it got moved from Alness to Dundee. I did not want to follow the job as I had family obligations here. But being made redundant by BT was a turning point in my life. I began to look online for sources of income. That was when I discovered the world of Internet Marketing (IM). Basically this is selling products that people can download straight onto their computers. This often takes the form of eBooks, videos, or podcasts.

[IM is not to be confused with online marketing. This is the concept that Amazon and eBay and thousands of companies use. They sell physical products that are bought through their websites but are delivered by courier or postal companies to the customer’s home].

Getting into Internet Marketing


Beginning back in 2010 I began learning to build my own websites promoting ways people can tap into thousands of tv channels – free to view ones. I received a small commission for each person who signed up to the scheme. Then the rage was helping people design APPS. This lasted a short while, died down a bit but has resurfaced again now.

But none of these – or other topics -really brought in the income that I was looking for.

But along the way I came across many people who were making substantial incomes from the internet so I knew it was possible. I bought into programs, subscribed to webinars, bought software programs and purchased stacks of eBooks (and even more eBooks).

There was quite a learning curve to follow but eventually I discovered a secret. Once I knew that and implemented it, my fortunes changed.

The secret was this – ALL the people making decent to serious money online were not doing it all by themselves. They try to give that impression. They say they are ‘living the laptop lifestyle’ running their business from anywhere in the world they happen to be. BUT in reality EVERY ONE of them has a team of people behind them making things happen. Sometimes they are direct employees and sometime they are freelancers (outsourced tasks).


Then it happened!!


£13,400 (after tax) — MY INTERNET INCOME 2015 (on top of my normal earnings from my full time job back as a cleaner for the highland council).


I went from peanuts to the above income in 2015 once I had my ‘team’ in place. This team is actually an online community that I became part of. There is a small membership fee but that is more than compensated for by being enabled to find success in this business. I discovered WORDPRESS – a type of website design that makes creating websites fast and stylish without the need for coding or technical knowledge. I discovered training that covered all the latest aspects of developing an online business. I became part of a community of like-minded people from across the world all with the same goal of developing a successful online income.

£16,400 (before tax so far in 2016 from my online business endeavours with 6 months still left of the tax year)

Did you know that seniors are the fastest growing part of the population to be getting online to run our own businesses? Technology moves on rapidly but with each advance tasks become much easier to do. So WHATEVER your age is YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!!!! You are not alone. You can follow step-by-step instructions as you have done hundreds of times already.

Why joining WA is the way forward

I will introduce you to WA. I referred to them above as being instrumental in enabling me to move my business forward to actually starting to make some income. Here you will get all the training you need from the very basics up to advanced methods. You will also have the help of thousands of other people who like yourself are working towards successful online businesses. The other great thing though is that your membership fee is the only charge you have. No matter what help you seek or training that becomes available there are no extra costs, AND you can actually earn money by sharing the training with non-members (as many of them will want what you have and enjoy in WA).

If you would like to take a look at WA you can do so here by creating a free account. This allows you a full 7 days to look around at all the facilities available. You will be given the option to upgrade for a special price to keep that level of access. However, you can continue forever as a free member on restricted access.  CLICK HERE to take a look.


You might think that you are being motivated by the idea of just making more money. But in reality, it is what we do with the money that really motivates us. Why not draw up your own list of true motivations for yourself and partner.

It is important that you know why you are doing this as there will be times you feel overwhelmed or results are not what you wanted in the early days. You need to know why you need to keep going.

Contact Me

If you want to talk with me directly about your concerns or to share your successes I would love to hear from you. The best way is to email me at:

This will reach me wherever I happen to be. Even if I have someone else picking up my emails I will ask them to tell me of your concerns and share your successes with me.